July 7, 2011

From trash to treasure: Sheila Odessey clutches

I've been interning for a new member-only e-commerce site called LovingEco.com, which is dedicated to stylish and eco-friendly fashion and beauty products. Today marks one month of its successful launch on June 6.

This week sales features a no longer novel but nevertheless exciting product. It's a collection of Sheila Odessey clutches made from recycled plastic bags. Yeah, you heard me. Basically, the process involves collecting shopping bags (Forever 21, Home Depot, Duane Reade), shredding them into pieces, weaving a fabric with fun patterns and creating a clutch. Click here to read the full post.
The intertwining of popular iconography and high fashion  reminds me of Jeremy Scott's Fall 2011 collection, which displays brands and slogans like Coca Cola, Dial-a-ride and Have a nice day on tank tops. There's nothing I love more than an apt pop culture reference.

Who knew a plastic bag can end up so sophisticated?
Not only did he use the Coca Cola trademark, Jeremy Scott also featured a similarly stylized "God" mini dress. 

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