January 25, 2012

Confession of a new tote bag lover

Marks & Spencer Erin Eco Shopper
Almost four years ago (August 2008) I came to visit London. While shopping at Marks & Spencer, I bought this canvas tote bag for only £5. I wasn't able to fully appreciate the versatility and convenience of this tote due to living on campus and never carrying around more than 5 small items, I gave the tote to my friend.

However, last week, I found myself scrambling for a tote bag because I was going to Philly for the weekend and didn't have any appropriate-size container to pack my stuff. In a moment of desperation, I recalled this tote bag I had parted with years ago. I didn't even remember which store I got it from until now - after stumbling on it while doing searches online.

The appeal of tote bags is their stylish simplicity and lightness, allowing the user to carry some weighty items at ease. A tote bag should be sturdy and is ideally made of canvas or polyester/vinyl rather than leather. Although, leather details like buckle or shoulder straps are best at giving the bag security and visual intrigue.

After hours of browsing Polyvore and Google, I present to you two collections of Affordable tote bags and Popular tote bags. The latter includes the insanely popular Longchamp's "Le Pliage" [foldable] tote, Bloomingdale's "Big Canvas Tote" (a word play on its signature Little Brown [shopping] Bag) and Burberry's signature print tote.
Affordable tote bags

Affordable tote bags ($50 and under)
Popular tote bags

What's your favorite tote/handbag?

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