January 6, 2012

On a colorful note: Happy 2012

It's been warm in SoCal lately so my boyfriend and I decided to spend the afternoon at the beach. Little did we know, Malibu was surrounded with fog and chilly air as usual. To look on the bright side, I spotted a group of youths with inspiring fashion. One girl had green jeans with matching sneakers, and a dark teal leopard print top. Another guy was wearing a casual but bright turquoise hoodie with shorts.

This makes me think of the trend with colorful jeans and neon shades. It's usually associated with hipsters and alternative dressers. In my opinion, if someone can pull of colorful jeans, they must have some sense of style. So I'm often impressed when I see such creative outfits.

Colorful jeans on People

Turquoise hoodie
Check out this article on what hoodie colors to choose.

Bonus: My bf and I at El Matador beach

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