December 27, 2011

Final challenge: Model on the runway

"Slaving" is a very accurate word to describe what I put myself through to finish the final project for my graphic design class. I spent hours and hours and hours perfecting every little detail. It was painful for a week but seems to be worth it in the end. Here is the final product, 12x17, nicely printed & mounted on a foam core yesterday for only $10.50 (thanks to Printing Services, one of the more efficient offices on campus in my humble opinion).

What I did to get here:
- Build the catwalk & background walls.
- Take the main model and shave off her dress, reconstruct the lower right arm that was blocked.
- Smooth out her face and bring out her eyes (the original was lower in resolution)
- Draw the tights.
- Find the booties and carefully put them on her.
- Construct the dress out of newspaper print.
- Steal the background model from shutterstock, erase the watermark, and blur her.
- Take the audience from another runway photo, carve them out with a soft eraser & blur the edges.
- Put a lot of shading around the side areas.
- Put the necklace on the model.
- Construct the gloves out of black lace pattern.
A lot of time was wasted creating another pair of boots and unsuccessfully trying to give her a leather or fur jacket.

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