February 24, 2012

Need tips for a cool Mother's day gift?

Mother's day this year falls on my parents' 23rd wedding anniversary. They're only 2 years shy from celebrating their silver anniversary. I'm happy for them, and there's more reason to make this day special for my mum. Luckily, Gizoo has thought up some worthy gift packages, as well as novel, humorous items for this occasion. 

Extremely real-looking faux candles
I find the Pamper Experience and Relaxation Day packages legit. In the first one, mums can choose either a makeover (hair treatment/styling and makeup by a professional), a makeup lesson OR a beauty treatment (aromatherapy massage, mani or pedi). My mum is a hair person and doesn't do a lot of makeup, so I'd definitely recommend her the first choice. 

Relaxation Day is a more expensive option but can really take away the stress as it includes a facial and upper body massage. The great experience, rather than any material gift, will be the best present for mums. If you're too broke to get her these luxurious treatments, you can try to help her re-create a spa environment at home with these faux bath jellyvanilla candles and massaging bath pillows. My former roommate actually owns similar candles. They work great as decor and are safe for furniture, kids and yourself (!)

I also come across this fabulous brown "paper" lunch bag. My mum usually packs her lunch, and this would work perfectly for her. I love the paper-bag appearance of this container so much that I'm tempted to get one for myself. As an environmentally conscious person, I'm even more excited about the fact that this reusable bag will significantly reduce the use of paper bags and save trees.
An environmentally-friendly take on the classic brown paper bag
Be sure to check out Gizoo for more cute mugs, aprons and other mum-friendly gadgets. Happy gift hunting!

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